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We are a non-profit professional association organized in 1958 for school psychologists working or living in New Jersey. 


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You do not have to commit to attending board meetings to be involved! We welcome and encourage new voices on our many committees. Check out NJASP Committees and be part of the conversation in whatever way fits with your interests and availability.

Important Information for New Jersey School Psychologists

Cuts in Medicaid Funding Will Directly Impact School Psychological Services

New Jersey schools also rely on #medicaid to provide essential services for children with disabilities and behavioral and mental health concerns. Without Medicaid, many students will not get what they need and will other cuts be made to make up for the short fall? 

Click here for more information and how you can help Medicaid.pdf

State Board of Education Adopts Resolution Regarding Social Emotional Competencies

On August 2, the State Board of Education unanimously approved the adoption of a resolution recommending school districts implement the New Jersey Social and Emotional Learning Competencies. These skills would be implemented across all grade levels, and facilitate the development of safe and supportive schools...

Click here for more info about this resolution affirming the importance of SEL on school climate and learning. SEL NJASP News.pdf

Defining Your Role

"So are you the school counselor/a "CST"/that IEP person/etc...."

"I am the school psychologist." 

Check out the latest on how to transform your role as a school psychologist! 

NJASP in the NASP spotlight: Transformation Implementation

Click links below for resources to help clarify your role and promote your value. 

Who are school psychologists.pdf

Practice Model Brochure .pdf

Qualified Mental and Behavioral Health Professionals.pdf

Mental Health Infographic .jpeg


Latest Resources 

Please link to our CPD page for past featured resources Continuing Professional Development

"13 Reasons Why" .  

Practical take-aways from NJASP - Click here NJASP 13 Reasons.Fin.pdf .  Additional Resources (that are linked in the NJASP document) from NASP and JED Foundation below:

13 Reasons Why Guidance_FINAL (1).pdf

Talking Points.pdf

WP_Qualified_Mental_and_Behavioral_Health_Professionals (3).pdf

    NJASP Winter Conference

    December 8, 2017

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    NJASP Spring Conference

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    Friday, May 5th 

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    Click here for more information:  NJASP Spring Conference 2017


    ESSA Update!

    The first deadline for states to submit their ESSA state plans has passes, and 15 states (including New Jersey) plus the District of Columbia have submitted their plans. It is important for NJ school psychologists to have a "seat at the table" as states and local districts decide how to implement guidelines for school improvement. It is critical that we stay involved to help ensure that ESSA is implemented in the most effective manner. Click here for more!

    Q and A:
    Since the changes in the federal government, what are the implications of the final ESSA accountability rules? 
    Final ESSA Accountability Rules: Implications for School Psychologists
    Q: "So if some accountability measures are rolled back, what does that mean for NJ? 

    A: New Jersey's proposed ESSA State Plan policies were submitted to the USDOE as planned. Click here for what this may mean for you GPR Q & A

    Check out our GPR page for Important Information about ESSA and School Psychology   

     Advocacy (GPR)

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    More PD opportunites

    Below are events not sponsored by NJASP but may be of interest to you.

    How to get from Resistance to Resilience with Reluctant Learners

    Credit(s): 1 Documented CPD Credits/Hours
    Duration: 1 hour
    Date: December 8, 2017
    3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (Eastern)
    How to get from Resistance to Resilience with Reluctant Learners - The ACT Matrix

    MORE INFORMATION ON PD PAGE Continuing Professional Development

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