New Jersey Association of School Psychologists

Committee Chairs 2017 -2018

Government and Professional Relations

Goal: To develop, promote, and maintain relationships with government and professional organizations; to monitor and advise NJASP members of current legislation affecting school psychology; to advocate and advance sound public policies and programs consistent with the best interests of children and families.

Barry Barbarasch

Debra Keeney

 Long Range Planning

Goal: To facilitate and monitor short and long-term goals for NJASP.

Debra Keeney

 Continuing Professional Development

Goal: To promote skill development, to address current needs and enhance the delivery of school psychological services. 

John Lestino


Goal: To disseminate information about current trends, issues, practices, and research in school psychology through NJASP's newsletter.

Janet Burdsall

 Website, Social Media, and Public Relations

Goal: To maintain website, social media sites and NJASP public relations 

Terri Allen


 Goal: To raise awareness and increase knowledge of multicultural issues in the professions of school psychology and address the educational and psychological issues unique to school settings

Aaron Gubi

 Ethical and Professional Standards

Goal: To promote an awareness of and provide assistance to members with ethical and professional issues.

Barbara Williams 

 Financial Review and Planning

Goal: To promote and maintain NJASP's fiscal responsibility.

Sol Heckelman

 Graduate and Undergraduate Student Organization (GUSTO)

Goal: To develop, promote, and maintain relationships with undergraduate and graduate students.

 Kim Nizolek

 Membership and Recruitment

Goal: To promote NJASP in order to obtain new members and maintain current members.


Nola Occhipinti-DeRita

 Research and Best Practices

Goal: To conduct research and disseminate results through publications and presentations.

Ruth Marino 

 Training Program Relations and Issues

Goal: To enhance communication and collaboration between New Jersey School Psychology training programs and NJASP.

Barbara Williams 

 Employment Opportunities

 Goal: To disseminate available employment opportunities to NJASP members.

John Kowalcyk  

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