New Jersey Association of School Psychologists

Committee Chairs 2016-2017

Government and Professional Relations

Goal: To develop, promote, and maintain relationships with government and professional organizations; to monitor and advise NJASP members of current legislation affecting school psychology; to advocate and advance sound public policies and programs consistent with the best interests of children and families.

Barry Barbarasch mailto:barryeva@comcast.net

Debra Keeney mailto:keeney.debra@gmail.com

 Long Range Planning

Goal: To facilitate and monitor short and long-term goals for NJASP.

Joanne Perry mailto:joanneperrypsyd@gmail.com


 Continuing Professional Development

Goal: To promote skill development, to address current needs and enhance the delivery of school psychological services.

John Lestino mailto:jlestino1811@gmail.com


Goal: To disseminate information about current trends, issues, practices, and research in school psychology through NJASP's newsletter.

Janet Burdsall sanibelj@gmail.com


Goal: To maintain NJASP's website.

 Karen Abrams karenmab@verizon.net


 Goal: To raise awareness and increase knowledge of multicultural issues in the professions of school psychology and address the educational and psychological issues unique to school settings

Aracelis Lopez mailto:ladylopez102@yahoo.com

 Ethical and Professional Standards

Goal: To promote an awareness of and provide assistance to members with ethical and professional issues.


 Barbara Williams mailto:bwilliams122@comcast.net

 Financial Review and Planning

Goal: To promote and maintain NJASP's fiscal responsibility.



Sol Heckelman mailto:sandyhecno1@aol.com

 Graduate and Undergraduate Student Organization (GUSTO)

Goal: To develop, promote, and maintain relationships with undergraduate and graduate students.



Kim Nizolek mailto:nizolekk6@students.rowan.edu

 Membership and Recruitment

Goal: To promote NJASP in order to obtain new members and maintain current members.


Holly Ricker  mailto:hollyricker@comcast.net

Stephanie Frasier mailto:stephfrasier@yahoo.com

 Research and Best Practices

Goal: To conduct research and disseminate results through publications and presentations.



Ruth Marino mailto:ruth.marino3@verizon.net

Naomi Lennox mailto:noymi@aol.com

 Training Program Relations and Issues

Goal: To enhance communication and collaboration between New Jersey School Psychology training programs and NJASP.


Barbara Williams mailto:bwilliams122@comcast.net

 Employment Opportunities

 Goal: To disseminate available employment opportunities to NJASP members.


Holly Ricker mailto:hollyricker@comcast.net

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