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New Jersey Association of School Psychologists


FRIDAY - MAY 14, 2021



Addressing Implicit Bias Promoting Intercultural Competence - Milton Fuentes 

Implicit Bias NJASP V1.pdf

Morning Workshops:

Updating Practices for the Communication of Assessment Results: Creating integrated, useful and strength-based psychological reports - Stephanie Rahill: 

NJASP 2021 Report Writing Presentation (1).pptx 

Integrated Report Writing Checklist.pdf

David Report Writing Worksheet strength based.pdf

Sample recommendations David case.pdf


Best Practices for Social Justice in Schools - Charles Barrett 

charles barrett NJASP SJ May 2021.pdf

The Dual Discrepancy/Consistency (DD/C) Pattern of Strengths and Weakness Method - Dawn Flanagan: 

NJASP Morning SLD Identification_FINAL_5.14.21 Handout.pdf

Afternoon Workshops:

An Introduction to the 2020 NASP Principles for Professional Ethics - Barbara Williams

2020_Professional_Standards_Web (8) Page 39.pdf

NJASP Spring 2021 Ethics Workshop Intro to 2020 Ethics Code.pdf

Scenarios for NJASP Spring Conference Workshop May 2021.pdf

Workshop Handout for NJASP Spring Conference May 2021.pdf

Best Practices in Assessing Racially and Ethnically Minoritized Students - Charles Barrett

Charles Barrett NJASP Part 2 May 2021.pdf

How to Use Discrepancy-Based Methods (AAD, RTI, PSW) Responsibly, Reduce Diagnostic Error, and Narrow the Gap Between Assessment Results and Interventions - Dawn Flanagan

NJASP DDC_5.14.21_Handout (1).pdf

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